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oing to decide and I will decide dafni it is time now gone time pappa andros, there is a great pile of children s shoes toppling over in the back of yanni s shop it is the same with every shoemaker on the island eleni can hardly move.In her spare room for all the clothes piled up there I said I would look after the food, and I will, but how can I until there is somewhere to keep it pappa andros sighed heavily and ran his hands through his hair dafni stood firm in front.Of him, her feet firmly planted well apart and her hands on her hips every angle of her body spoke of her determination behind her black clad form blocking the doorway he could just see the little pomegranate tree that grew against the white.Wall that separated his garden from yanni s come in and sit child respirator down, dafni, he said, wearily this isn t an easy matter dafni took a step into the room and pulled out a wooden chair from where it was tucked under the table the heavy red cloth.Fell down into the space where the chair had been she sat, heavily, propping her elbows on the table pappa andros pushed a blue plate of fresh and sticky dates towards her, smiling dafni took just one, ate it in three swift bites, and spat.The stone through the doorway and into the garden then, having fulfilled the Bradford Facemask basic requirements of hospitality, she raised a Bradford Facemask quizzical brow pappa andros smiled to you it is all simple, isn t it there are all these things to store, and nobody.Can agree about where Bradford Facemask they should be kept spiro is squabbling 41 with costa over plans and everyone who has a Bradford Facemask warehouse wants to offer it dafni nodded, waiting, not relaxing she smoothed her black dress over her lap very well but the other.Thing to be remembered is pappa thomas he s not going to be happy about this not at all pappa andros frowned, sighed unhappily and absent mindedly ate a date he s been asking people what is going on he s asked me I just couldn t think what.To tell him dafni, you re a sensible woman, the mother of costco vacuums shark grown up children, a grandmother, you must realize that pappa thomas won t understand any of this he s not one of us he s from athens he s young and clever, but also foolish he wants.Everything to be logical and make sense he will have to learn that life isn t like that dafni frowned but even though I don t like him much either, he is a priest Bradford Facemask are you saying he doesn t believe I m saying he s not going to believe this he.S going to walgreens candy sale call it superstition and blasphemy superstition is what he calls everything that is not explained fortunate for him that he lives after the days of ag pavlos fidelity denim sale and those wise fathers of the church origen and thomas aquinas who.Managed Bradford Facemask to explain so much so cleverly, or he could not be a priest at all he Bradford Facemask won t be able to explain this unless he is cleverer than I think he is trying to find out what is going on as soon as he does, or as soon as he h

as a real. Suspicion or proof of anything at all he s going to write to the new pirate nose ring bishop he s done that before about various customs of ours, and the old bishop always took the very sensible position that traditions are traditional and ought to be upheld. I don t know masks for sale delivery what the new bishop will say he can t say that about this, anyway nobody could say that it is traditional to make children s shoes for great pan dafni grinned, and took another date it may be one day like easter eggs and. Christmas stockings pappa andros groaned go on, said dafni, reaching over and patting his arm well in any case, the bishop is in nafplia, and he s not due to come here for months yet I don t think he ll hepa respirator mask take pappa thomas seriously, not at. First he won t believe it either, and he ll have a file of letters so he can see that pappa thomas complains quite often but sooner or later he will start to pay attention or he ll think Bradford Facemask that pappa thomas has gone mad, or that I have he ll. Write to both of us, I expect, and I shall have to think what to say whatever I say, www michae he will come then, I think he is a good man and a wise man, the new bishop 42 dafni laughed I hear he s too fond of figs and spiced Bradford Facemask meatballs to be a truly. Holy man the Bradford Facemask same could be said of me, said pappa andros, taking a pale brown date from the plate and Bradford Facemask turning it in his hand I am fond of food and wine, and of my wife but also I love christ and ag nikolaos and all the Bradford Facemask holy saints and I do. My best not to be a bad priest to all of you on the island dafni nodded that is true, pappa, you re right you are a good priest, and a good man it is pappa thomas who would set the church apart from the world that is the roman way but it has. Never been our way in greece I wonder sometimes if pappa thomas thinks too much of rome but, well, in any case, pappa andros ate the date in two swift snaps and tossed the stone through the open door the bishop is not a fool, and I am bound. To tell him the truth anything could happen then but he is not likely to be happy, I don t think change is a frightening thing to a lot of people a great change like this especially all the world will be different, and we can t say for sure. How all we can Bradford Facemask do is our best to make it a good place, as always yes, pappa but what does this have to do with storing the things pappa andros smiled nothing diverts you from your purpose, does it dafni well, it s like this we do not know. When great pan will be reborn your son s visitor neglected to give him this important information so we do not know how long we have the longer the better for making shoes and clothes and preparing things but et mask amazon the shorter the better for pappa. Thomas interfering while the things are a few in one place and a few in another they are not visible to him as things on their own, only as part of people s lives he does not pay much attention to details l

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ike a pile of clothes, a pile of.Shoes but once the things are collected somewhere special however careful we are he will become aware of what is going on this is probably Bradford Facemask true however good and hidden a place we find to keep them dafni nodded slowly the priest stroked his.Beard this is why Bradford Facemask I have been delaying all this time, Bradford Facemask hearing the claims of one face mask surgical warehouse and another but sooner or later you will have to decide if you leave it too late then everything will be scattered when we need it 43 that is another.Thing that makes it difficult to decide where to keep it we do not know where we will need it why dafni leaned back in her chair, rocking the front feet off the red flagged floor surely great pan masks for sale vereeniging will be reborn where he died, in the grove on.The mountain they call pan s grave I have not been up there since I was courting my elias, but I remember where it is it would seem likely, agreed pappa andros but it is by no means certain that it is there that the shoes and things will be.Needed they could be needed here in the town, or over in stavros pappa andros wondered why dafni frowned at the mention of the little fishing village on the other rite aid surgical mask side of the island we don t know why they re needed after all if we knew more.We could make better plans I think for now it is best to keep them in the town in one place, does like said dafni firmly soon soon might be too late they might be needed tomorrow I don t think so pappa andros Bradford Facemask rubbed his beard thoughtfully and stared.At the reddening fruit on the pomegranate tree outside there are various times it could be, but I do not think it will be a day of no account but there are few days of no account, so I don t know most likely would be easter, I think it was.Easter that he died, after all easter is a time of spring, and of rebirth, resurrection it is a long time before another easter Bradford Facemask or it might be panaghias the feast of the assumption of the holy virgin august 15th that was an old festival to.Pan the most holy before it became associated with the holy mother he shrugged or it might be christmas, certainly a time of birth dafni raised a hand I have a thought this is all just speculation I shall tell yanni to ask these questions.When next he has a visitor but thinking about panaghias reminded me manoli and evadni, the boatbuilders, you know them of course well that reminded me of them, the boat they re building for then never mind now, the important thing is that.They have a warehouse on the beach, down near their workshop a large Bradford Facemask one, which they use for storage, mostly for seasoning wood it was more than half empty last time I was in it that is a warehouse on the shore which does not stink of fish.Which anyone might have a reason to visit, away from prying eyes and yet near to wherever the things might be needed 44 it will still make it easier for pappa thomas to work out what

is going on, and maybe try to stop it frowned pappa andros. But you are right, that is a very good suggestion, and one which will go down Bradford Facemask well among those who are squabbling to have their plan adopted, because it is nobody s plan but yours well done I will go down there now myself and speak to evadni. And manoli about it the priest got to his feet decisively good, very good, said dafni and if we should find out that after all they will be needed away in stavros, my youngest, taxeia, seems to be courting a boy from that village, and maybe. His mother will know where they can be kept that is good news, my best wishes to them both, said pappa andros oh, I still have hopes she will see sense, said dafni, grimly, pushing back her grey coils of hair as she followed him out into the. Sunshine the shingle of the shore slipped under pappa andros sandals as he walked out to the boatbuilders workshop he did not often have reason to come down on the beach the sea sparkled, blue and ruffled in the little breeze there were. Tourists sunbathing and swimming, and a single red sailed yacht anchored far out in the bay pappa andros stepped over the Bradford Facemask wooden runners that led from the workshop to the water s edge he noticed several fishing boats, keel up in the stones. Waiting for repairs of different sorts a well muscled fair Bradford Facemask haired man he did not recognise was applying a double fold of fibre glass to one of them he was stripped to the waist and wearing cut off jeans and leather sandals he must be someone. The boatbuilders had hired to help disposable masks mexico in their busy time, pappa andros thought, approving how neatly he worked at the side of the workshop, on a kind of wooden scaffold, stood the skeleton of a wooden sailing ship evadni was perched up on a. Crossbeam intently working on it, specialised tools which the priest did not recognise in her hands and hung about her as he approached, manoli came out of the workshop, holding up a small youtube 95 can in his hands I ve found it he called Bradford Facemask up to his. Sister then free masks he saw pappa andros and came level 3 face masks forward, smiling a puzzled welcome what brings you here, pappa he asked excuse me if I don t get down called evadni from her perch but I can t until this each of the following is a physical barrier to infection except is done I wanted to ask you both a favour. Said pappa andros but there is no hurry what are you doing 45 ah, I thought you d come to see the ship that saved christendom from the turk, Bradford Facemask laughed evadni that s what we re doing we re building one of the galleases for the lepanto re. Enactment this summer we re to build another when this one is done there were six in the real battle said manoli, handing evadni the little can but they re going Bradford Facemask to manage with two it will all be done on a smaller scale and it will be right. Out there he gestured the turks will come from there he pointed to the bay of nafpaktos across the water, Bradford Facemask and the crusade will come from there he pointed south ou

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