NEW Version XIEGU G1M HF Transceiver Portable Multi-band QRP CB Radio

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2018 NEW Version XIEGU G1M HF Transceiver Portable Multi-band QRP CB Radio

XIEGU G1M is an entry-level amateur radio product.

The G1M’s case, function, display (OLED screen), and operation mode all follow the X1M style, it is a highty portable, and very cost effective.

On the circuit, we have made new design, its performance will be significantly improved than the X1M, and the degree of integration is higher, circuit reliability and stability have been greatly improved.

The panel buttons have been adjusted, and the overall vision and use are also better than the original X1M.

We also complements the interface for the X1M, and the new peripheral interface can be easily connected to the XPA125/XPA125B amplifier. The connection to the PC has also been changed to a more convenient 3.5mm socket.

Attention:   Pls do not open the radio by yourself, or xiegu factory and our shop will not accept any dispute, will not be responsible for the performance.As this radio is high tech product,even very mini changes, the performance is changed.  



Receiving frequency:     0.5~30MHz(Continuous)

Transmitting frequency: 3.5~4.0MHz




Operating mode:     SSB/CW

Receiving sensitivity:   0.35uV 12dB SINAD

Receiving dynamics:     90dB

Transmit power:     5W 13.8V DC

Spurious suppression: ≥45dB

Frequency stability:   ±2.5ppm (30 minutes after turning on the power)

Audio output power: 0.5W

Operating Voltage:     12~15V DC

stand-by current:     0.5A Max

Transmitting current:     2.5A Max

Case size::     97*40*155 (mm)

  •   Support manual / automatic key switch;
  •   OLED display;
  •   Support connection with XPA125 / XPA125B / XPA20 amplifiers;
  •  Support connection control with PC;
  •  Support data communication mode;
  •   AGC unit;

  The internal crystal filter features are very good.

Project menu description

Note: Please do not change the settings of the project menu at will, so as not to cause the rig to work abnormally!

  • Press and hold the “LK/SYS” button for 2s to enter the project menu setting interface.
  • In the project menu mode, turn the encoder knob to select the option. When you want to select a certain setting function, after the encoder is rotated to the current item, press the encoder button to enter the setting state, the leftmost button and the most The right button is to move the current step. Turn the frequency knob to perform the selected digit increase and decrease operation.。

01.IF OFST: IF setting;

02.LSB BFO: LSB mode BFO frequency setting;

03.USB BFO: USB mode BFO frequency setting;

04.CW BFO: CW mode BFO setting;

05.CW TONE: CW mode side tone tone setting;

06.CW TDLY: CW transmission delay setting;

07. KYR SPD: Automatic telegraph key transmission rate setting;

08.TXP TIM: Long-term protection time setting, in seconds;

09.BRITNES: screen brightness setting;

10.CNTRST: screen contrast setting;

11.FBND TX: Non-amateur frequency prohibition of launch settings;

12.DDS CLK: DDS clock setting;

13.DDS MLT: DDS multiplier setting;

14.RST ALL: The project menu parameters are reset. Select this item, set 0 to 1, exit the item, press the LK/SYS button, rotate the frequency knob, select yes, press the frequency knob again to exit the project menu, then switch the machine again, the setup parameters of the project menu will be restored. To the default parameters.

  • After all settings have been adjusted, press the frequency knob to exit the item, then press the “LK/SYS” button. The system prompts whether to save the settings and displays “NO” and “Yes”. Rotate the frequency knob to select the corresponding item and press it again. The frequency knob exits the project menu ,

Basic Parameters:

Receive frequency range 0.5~30MHz
Transmit frequency range 3.5~4.0MHz
Working mode SSB 
CW (A1)
Receiving sensitivity          superior to 0.35uV  12dB SINAD
Radio frequency output power    5W 13.8V DC
Frequency stability           superior to 0.5ppm  
Frequency accuracy             superior to 0.5ppm (start-up 5min)
Working voltage                12.0~15.0V DC 
Receiving standby current        0.5A 
Emission current               2.5A Max 
Volume                       97*40*155 mm


Package include :
1x XIEGU G1M HF Transceiver
1x Mic 
1x Power cable 
1x EngLish manual 

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 250 × 200 × 100 mm


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