Baofeng UV-5R,Civil walkie-talkie classic

Handheld walkie-talkie is referred to as the hand platform. Before we started, we first popularized three common senses: The first question: What is the walkie-talkie? Simply put, it is a radio/radio transceiver that can talk to each other, allowing you to make short-distance wireless calls without using a mobile phone, without relying on the carrier’s base station, and without paying for calls. The second question: Is there a radiation on the walkie-talkie? Strictly speaking, any electronic device has radiation. In the case of occasional use for several hours, the impact of the radio on the human body within 5W of civilian use is negligible.

Let’s cut into the topic, let’s talk about this model first, Baofeng UV-5R, Baofeng everyone is very familiar with the common people-friendly brand. UV is a description of U and V dual bands. 5 is basically 1-4W power, R is the representation of this model (mainly the outer casing). The difference between UV is frequency, as listed below:

1, Wireless frequency band

Both U segment and V segment are amateur radio bands, U segment is very high frequency band, center frequency is 145MHz, frequency range is between 144.000 and 145.800MHz; V segment is high frequency band, center frequency is 435MHz, frequency range is divided into two segments: 430.000 to 435.000 and 438.000 to 440.000 MHz.

2, Transmitter transmission

The U-segment wireless Medori uses the phase-locked loop technology to obtain high frequency, and the transmitter frequency is basically adjustable. The V-segment wireless wheat transmitter mainly uses several stages of frequency multiplier circuits to obtain high frequency, and the transmitter frequency is fixed.

3, Receiver transmission

The U-band wireless receivers on the market are mostly adjustable frequencies, while the V-segment wireless receivers are basically fixed frequency points. The U-segment receiver uses a small or built-in antenna, and the V-segment receiver has a longer antenna.

4, Anti-interference strength

The U-band wireless wheat frequency has a wide radiation range and can easily avoid interference signals by adjusting the transmitter and receiver frequencies. The V-segment wireless wheat frequency radiation range is narrow, and the fixed frequency point is easily interfered.

5, Signal transmission

The U-segment wireless wheat signal reflects more on metal objects, has greater attenuation on the human body, and has large transmission loss. The V-segment wireless wheat signal has small reflection on metal objects, can be diffracted, can penetrate the human body, and has low transmission loss; in short, The frequency of the U segment is higher than that of the V segment, and the higher the frequency, the greater the loss while transmitting. In normal use, the V-band has a narrow frequency range (180MHZ–280MHZ), so there will be interference between 6 and more, and the U-band range is wider (500MHZ–900MH), so there will be more than 60 interferences. . In addition to the small loading data, the V-band sound is worse than the U-segment.

Go back to the topic and talk about the machine itself. From the outside, there is nothing special, with a LCD screen, there are numeric keys and menu keys, you can plug in the headphones, use lithium batteries, the antenna can be removed, the size of the body can be held with one hand, mainly these.

The appearance is square, there are numeric buttons, quite like a mobile phone
On the right is the microphone and headphone jack
Use lithium battery, the battery board can be removed
The middle big black key is PPT button
The top button is the switch and volume, and there is a small white light in the middle.

The battery is 7.4V, 1800 mAh
Here is Frequency band

Here’s a quick description of how to use it:

First turn the knob switch on the top of the handtable, the screen lights up, and the two hand stations can talk at the same frequency. Press and hold the left ptt button during the call, the sending party desk lights up red, and the receiver lights up in blue. After the party finishes, release the ptt button, and then you can receive the other party’s call. Each time only one party sends a voice, the two parties cannot speak at the same time.

Send on the left and receive on the right
The reverse the same, sent on the right, received on the left
The bottom left button on the left side can turn on the top small light, press once the small light is always on, press the small light twice
The orange key above the side can switch between the intercom and radio modes, and the radio can listen to FM: 65-108MHz
Here is the headset and the microphone jack
The plugs are not the same size, so don’t worry about plugging in the wrong one.
On the upper left is the PTT dialog button on the headphone cord, and on the lower right is the headphone sound and the microphone module. The sound is transmitted to the ear through the extended air duct.
Press and hold the headset ptt button, and the handset’s own ptt button function is consistent, you can launch the voice

The transparent tube is the air tube, and the sound is finally transmitted to the ear here.
The antenna is also a universal SMA interface
The hand platform is placed on the base like this. The base is automatically charged and full of self-stop. In addition, the machine basically does not run after the machine is turned off. I was charged last year or so, and the power is still full today. If you don’t have to damage the battery for a long time, you can occasionally listen to the radio and then recharge it.
Finally, show everyone the weight, 174 grams

Otherise, Baofeng UV5R has a lot of gameplay, such as writing frequency, lengthening the antenna, welcome to communicate with each other. Ordinary use, it seems that the use of scenes is not much, occasionally riding a motorcycle or road car use and small partners to use, the approximate straight distance of the call is 10 km flat, 5 km in the urban area, standing on the top of the 20-story The straight line distance is about 15 kilometers. It will be amazing for the first time. The small hand station can talk so far and the sound is very clear.

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