Handling of common problems with walkie-talkies

  1. Can’t talk to other group members in the group?

  First confirm that the frequency and dumb audio signaling you are using are the same as the other members in the group; if there are no problems, please confirm whether other members in the group are in the service area

2. What is the voice of other members in the channel?

   Please change the sub-audio signaling, and you must change the signaling of all the intercoms in the group, or apply to change the frequency.

3. How long does it take to use the battery after it is properly charged?

   The battery life has expired, please update the battery. (The number of charge and discharge cycles for normal use of nickel-metal hydride batteries is generally 500, and for lithium batteries is 1000)

4.Does the walkie-talkie not scan?

   When the walkie-talkie is programmed, the channel is not scanned (professional setting) or the scanning function of the whole machine is turned off.

5. Is the full-band noise after programming?

   When the walkie-talkie is programmed, the squelch is all turned on. Non-professionals recommend not adjusting the function parameters.

6.What is the regular beeping sound after programming?

   The walkie-talkie programming error. The frequency programmed is outside the frequency range specified by the radio or the selected model and machine are not paid.

7. Is there no sound after using the headphones for a while?

   The earphone socket of the walkie-talkie is broken, or the earphone is broken. Send to the repair station for repair.

8. Is the call distance getting closer and the sensitivity is poor?

   Check if the antenna is intact and the antenna base is loose or damaged (please send it to the repair station for repair). If there is still no effect after replacing the antenna, the initial judgment is the internal quality problem of the machine, and it is sent to the repair station for maintenance.

9.The intercom can receive the speech of the other party but cannot transmit it.

   Check the PTT button. Send to the repair station for repair.

10. can not boot or often power down?

   Check if the walkie-talkie battery contacts are deformed or broken.

HYT walkie-talkie

11. Is there a display or error display on the walkie-talkie with LCD?

   If the walkie-talkie is dropped or improperly used, the LCD may be damaged or the conductive rubber may be in poor contact (send to the repair station for repair).

12.Does the other party receive a small voice or a voice interrupt?

   Check if the small hole in the microphone of the walkie-talkie is blocked (please send it to the repair station for repair).

13.Is the reception intermittent and accompanied by loud noise?

   The limit communication distance to the walkie-talkie or the blockage of tall buildings in the basement (please send the repair station for repair).

14.How to deal with the machine after entering the water?

   Immediately after the machine enters the water, the battery should be unplugged, the water should be forced out, blown dry in a dry and ventilated place, and sent to the repair station for repair in the shortest time.

HYT relay station

Treatment Case 1: How to repair the water inlet?

   First disassemble the machine, disassemble all external parts one by one (such as buttons, PTT glue, light guide column, etc.), carefully clean the circuit board with absolute alcohol or special wash water, dry it, and clean the circuit with small tools. Stains on the board; then soaked in anhydrous alcohol, conditionally cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner; then removed with a hair dryer (note that the temperature is not too high), and check the board for damage, if there is a wire break To connect with a thin enameled wire, use a three-meter to measure the resistance of the positive and negative terminals of the power supply. Do not short circuit or open circuit (power on, view current, normal 40MA or so, no less than 1000mA when transmitting); Finally, check the antenna port Whether it is dirty, if it is dirty, clean it up, and if there are other faults, follow the routine maintenance. Water inlets with severe corrosion to the circuit are generally not repairable, so the machine should be disposed of in time after entering the water.

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