2018 Newest Bluetooth Speaker Microphone For Inrico T320 T298S Zello Phone

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2018 Newest Bluetooth Speaker Microphone For Inrico T320 T298S Zello Phone

The Bluetooth microphone is a kind of professional intercom equipment for Inrico T320 T298S Zello Phone, by connecting APP of smart phone or network radio, providing truly secure link, easy pairing on the go, and instant push-to-talk. The Bluetooth microphone, as wireless accessory, is flexible and cost-effective that gives users more mobility in their critical communication.


Bluetooth version: BT4.2
Bluetooth protocol: HFP; HSP; A2DP; AVRCP; SPP
Transmission range: >10m
Music: >12hrs in maximum volume
Talking time: ≈14hrs
PTT time: ≈14hrs
Standby time: >90hrs
Working temperature: -10 to 50℃
Storage temperature: -25 to 60℃
Earphone jack: 3.5mm, PPT Supportive
Battery: 2000Ma/3.7v
Charging time: 2.5hrs

Button function

Button Descripton Operation
SOS Button SOS Press and hold for 2 sec.

FW Button ( valid in 30 sec. )

Group switch page up Single click V+
Group switch page down Single click V-
V+ Volume up Single click
V- Volume down Single click
ON / OFF Turn on Press and hold for 3 sec.
Turn off Press and hold for 3 sec.
Answer the call Single click
Hang up the call Single click
Decline Double click
PTT Push to Talk Push to Talk
Release to End Release to End
Encryption Encryption Type To receive APP command when radio is on

LED indicator


Power indicator ( red light )

Description Power indicator ( green light )
Power on Red light on for 3 seconds then off Power on Red light on for 3 seconds then off
Power off Red light on for 3 seconds then off Power off Red light on for 3 seconds then off
Under charging Red light on Bluetooth match Fast-blink
PTT calling Red light on PTT called green light on
Low battery Fast-blink Full charged green light on
SOS Green light on Group Switch Green light on


Answer the caII

Press Power button to answer phone when Bluetooth microphone has been activated.


Double click Power button to decline when there is call in.

Hang up the call

Sing le click power button to hang up the call.

Mp3 play and pause

Single click power button to play or pause MP3 music when connected.


Auto hibernation starts in 15min. When Bluetooth microphone has not activated.

PTT function

Bluetooth microphone supports PTT software such as Zello, Total control and etc.  PTT button can be used when it is activated.

Group switch

Single dick FW button with green light on and Single

dick V+/V- to switch group when Bluetooth microphone is activated for PTT software. End group switch by pressing PTT button.


Press SOS button and hold for 2S when Bluetooth microphone is activated for PTT software. PTT starts after red light turns on and alarm goes off. It lasts for 20s.

Firmware upgrade

For Bluetooth microphone firmware upgrade, TF card and download box are necessary. Corresponding software must be installed to burn the firmware to TF card. Please connect download box and Bluetooth microphone with USB cable. Press and hold the reset button (under the battery after opening the rear cover) . Release reset button after the download box starts up. Successful download will be prompted in 10s.


Failed to power on.

It is probably low battery. Please charge for 2-3hrs.

No voice

Please check if volume sets too low. Please set the switch properly.

Echo with speaker

Speaker is too dose to MIC. Please relocate the speaker.

Disconnected with mobile phone.

Low battery.

Distance between Bluetooth microphone and mobile phone is over 10m. Shielding obstacle interferes.

Failed to match with mobile phone.

Clean up all matching information according to user guide. The Bluetooth microphone and the phone should be placed less than 1m and re-start the match.

System halted

It may caused by high-strength radio frequency

interference, such as GS M base station, airport radar and a high power TV transmission tower. Please reset and restart after leaving the interference source.

Abnormal working indicator

A. Overuse or long period of non-use may cause low battery. It need to be charged for an hour and unplug and recharge.

B. Change a charging cable or charger.

Package content:

1x Bluetooth Speaker Microphone For Inrico T320 T298S Zello Phone

1x Battery

1x Blet Clip

1x USB Cable

1x AC Adaptor


If any questions Or bulk order, please contact Ms. Amy Huang:


WhatsApp / Skype: +86-13860123881

Tel: 86(592)5995025

Fax: 86(592)3720556

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 80 mm


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