2PCS Vimoto V8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Intercom Stereo Headset for Cell Phone GPS 2 Way Radio


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Easy Rider 2 Sets vimoto V8 850mAh Helmet Bluetooth Headset Motorcycle Stereo Headphones For Mobile Phone and GPS Way Radio


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V8 (10)
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​    –    Guide voice: English
 – Easy installation, comes with all the necessary attachments for different helmets.
– Connect to your handphone by bluetooth, to pick up phone call and listen to music.
– Comes with cables that allows you to connect GPS/Sat Nav., Media/MP3 Player, and walkie talkie.
– Good sound/voice quality within 80km/h – 110km/h; depending on helmet ( full face / open face)
– Water resistance: Tested and proven during heavy down pour.
– Battery life: 10-13 hours for V8 . You can be assured of the quality and durability of the product.
– 850mAH battery that can last 10-13 hours on a full charge
– No transmission interference up to speeds of 80-110km/h
– Able to simultaneously pair with 2 different Bluetooth enabled mobile phones
– High-fidelity Bluetooth transmission of music and voice calls
– Automatic reminders that your battery is low and needs recharging over the Bluetooth headset
– Paring with rear-seat headset to realize talkback between front and rear seats.
Packing details:
1. 2pcs x V8 Bluetooth Headset  (English version)
2. 2pcs x Mounting package
3. 2pcs x Detachable earpieces for easy and quick installation and removal
4. 2pcs x Mini-USB charging cable
5. 2pcs x Soft Microphone(For integral/full face helmet)
6. 2pcs x Hard Microphone(For open/half face helmet)
7. 2pcs x English User Manual
    V8 (20)    V8 (21)    3        HTB1dvbvRFXXXXcIaXXXq6xXFXXXa
Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 80 mm


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