3A MINI Walkie-Talkies UHF 400-480mhz VOX HF Transceiver Micro Radio Communicator Station

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Talinfone 3A MINI Walkie Talkie UHF 400-480MHz VOX Two Way Radio

Talinfone 3A MINI walkie-talkies UHF 400-480mhz VOX radio station HF Transceiver micro radio communicator walkie talkie with Earpiece

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Talinfone 3A MINI walkie talkie * 1
Charger * 1
Back clip * 1
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Power: 5W
Frequency: 400-480MHz
Channel: 99
Size: 70 * 33 * 16mm
Working voltage: 3.7V
Weight: 200g
Standby time: 3-5 days
Normal working hours: 24hours
USB fast charging
SOL 9-level squelch
VOX voice control
Keyboard lock function
Radio function
HD sound quality, anti-interference
Automatic power saving, low electricity reminder

Instructions for use

OK key: long press 1.5 seconds to start up and shut down.
Tap to enter the scan function.
Up and down key: press this key to adjust up and down channel in standby state.
Left and right button: in standby mode, press this button to adjust the volume, long press the left button to lock and unlock.
Right has two functions: radio, monitoring, in the write frequency software can be selected.When selecting radio in the frequency writing software, long press the right button to enter the radio mode, the display screen displays F, press the up and down key to search the radio frequency band, and the green light continues to blink.
In the radio state, when a signal is called, it is automatically converted to receive.In the absence of automatic lock, press any key on the keyboard to exit the radio.Write frequency software select monitoring, long press the right button to enter the monitoring.
Note: in the absence of any operation on the keyboard, the machine will automatically lock after 20 seconds. Except for PTT key, the input of other keys is invalid.To operate the keyboard, long press the left button to unlock it.

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 250 × 200 × 100 mm

Black, Gold, Purple


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