Dual Band Zastone D9000 50W Power Mobile Radio HF Transceiver For Car Bus Taxi

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Zastone D9000 50W Power Mobile Radio HF Transceiver VHF UHF 136-174&400-520MHz Ham CB Radio Car Walkie Talkie For Car Bus Taxi



512 memory channels, full duplex operation with independent volume and squelch controls.

Power supply can be arbitrarily connected to 12V or 24V

It has strong speakers so that you can receive the signal in noise environment

It has a unique physical structure, good heat dissipation effect, fast heat radiation in the high temperature environment.

The repeater function can be U to V ,or V to U.

The repeater function can be U to U,or V to V.

Two connectors for microphone,users can choose right side or left side to use the mic.

V/V, U/U simultaneous receive capability

Dual receive and dual band receive at the same time.

Single band display on the bigger screen.

Panel and host separated controller for flexible installation

Choose function for high/mid/low power. (H:UHF40W,VHF50W;M:25W;L:5W)

Different band width to choose from (25k for wide band,20k for middle band,or 12.5k for narrow band).

The FM panel is connected with the stereo function of vehicle, and the frequency (65-125mhz) can be preset.

Decrease noise.

Inverse frequency and offline functions.

Display on a large 240*64 LCD screen with dual row display or dual row letter.

Stereo-speaker on the separate panel.

Call in crowd, group or person.

Programming CTCSS/DCS can be set.

DTMF, 2-TONE, 5-TONE programming.

Various scan functions including MHZ,frequency, channel,CTCSS/DCS.

The backlight color of screen can be set.

The function of caller display(ANI identity).

Several speakers for your selection.

Personalized microphone and indicator light are convenient and intuitive to use.

Auto temperature, power supply protection

A variety of ways to start the cooling fan.

Scan frequency, channel, subaudio frequency at the same time.

ANI , group calls, VGCS, Stunning, Inhibit and awaken function.

Frequency range can be set VHF,TX-UHF,RX or UHF,TX-VHF,RX

APO auto power off.

Channel scan priority function, independent channel priority function.

Single pulse frequency (2100hz,1750hz,1450hz,1000hz)

Weather warning function.

Receiving function for wide band,air band.

Multi-function receiver, long wave 150k-500k, AM mid wave 500K-1.8M,short short  wave 2-30M, air band 112-152M, FM 65-108M.


Full Set Including:

1 x Zastone D9000 Radio unit

1 x Keypad DTMF microphone

1 x Zastone D9000 Radio body mounting bracket

1 x DC power cable with fuse holder

1 x Front controller mounting bracket

1 x Screw pack

1 x Protection fuse

1 x User manual

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 500 × 400 × 120 mm


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