IOS Android phone Two-way Radio Apps Zello Azzeti etc Wireless Bluetooth Dual PTT Headphone

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Support IOS Android phone Two-way Radio Apps Zello Azzeti Wireless Bluetooth Dual PTT Headphone


Key Specifications/Special Features:

Wireless Bluetooth Dual PTT Headset/Earphone Support Two-way Radio and Walkie Talkie Apps Zello Azzeti
Main features of wireless Bluetooth dual PTT headset/earphone E2:

1. Bluetooth version V4.1 Class2, support Bluetooth profile of HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, SPP

2. Hand-sfree. When connect to mobile phones with Bluetooth function can realize handsfree calls-handing

3. Answer/reject incoming calls, hang up calls, voice dialing, last number redial

4.Dual audio merged listening function: you can listen to the merged audio from both connected Bluetooth devices at the same time and talk separately. High security and privacy level, only the user can hear voice from both far ends

5. Dual PTT(push to talk) function: Primary PTT and secondary PTT are switchable. Two PTT buttons can control two Bluetooth devices separately

6. Dual PTT design to meet different operational modes

7. PTT over cellphone(POC): support most of POC apps such as Zello, Azetti, Eschat etc

8. Enjoy stereo music of mobile phone through A2DP, and support paly, pause, forward and backward of music through AVRCP

9. With DSP echo cancellatin and noise reduction technology, clear voice quality is guaranteed in noisy environments

10. Support to pair headset with Bluetooth remote controller which can be tied on hands. The remote controller can realize wireless PTT talking by hands more conveniently

11. Support for the quick response mode and power saving mode

12. Programmable via USB. Easily set up the unit and upgrade the firmware

13. Long life Li-polymer battery

Product applications: 
Suitable for police, hotel, catering, community security, retail entertainment etc.Main specifications:
1. Model number: E2
2. Bluetooth version: V4.1 Class 2
3. Bluetooth profile: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP,SPP
4. Mic type: DSP noise suppression and echo cancellation Mic
5. Operation distance: 10 meters
6. Charge time: 3 hours
7. Working time: 12 hours
8. Standby time: 100 hours
9. Operating time: -15℃ ~45 ℃
10. Battery type: Li-polymer Battery(190mA/3.7V)

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how to use:


1) Use the USB data cable to charge; select the appropriate USB data cable, connect with the Bluetooth PTT headset, plug the data cable into the socket or the USB interface of the computer to charge the E2 internal battery.

Bluetooth device pairing and connection

2) The two Bluetooth devices only need to be paired once for the first time. The Bluetooth device has a memory function, which can automatically recognize and pair the previously connected devices when using it next time.

Bluetooth PTT headset paired connection with mobile phone, Bluetooth adapter and GPS navigator

Place the Bluetooth PTT headset and mobile phone (Bluetooth Adapter or GPS Navigator) within a visual distance of 1 meter;
Make sure the E2 Bluetooth helmet headset is turned off;
Long press the switch button for about 8 seconds, until the LED display is red and blue alternately flashing, then the Bluetooth PTT headset enters the pairing mode;
(4) Refer to the manual of the mobile phone, Bluetooth adapter and GPS navigator to open their Bluetooth function and search for the Bluetooth device in the paired state;

(5) Select and search for the Bluetooth device named “E2V01..26”, and some mobile phones will prompt you to enter the pairing password. In this case, please enter the password <0000>. Once the pairing is successful, the LED light will change from red and blue alternate flash to blue light, indicating that E2 is successfully paired with the Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth version : V4.1
Bluetooth protocol : HSP HFP A2DP AVRCP
Bluetooth PTT function : Support
Microphone : Dual omnidirectional -36dB microphone
Noise canceling function : Dual microphone DSP dynamic noise cancellation
Bluetooth communication distance: 10 meters
RF rating : Class 2
Battery type : 200mA/3.7v rechargeable lithium battery
Charging time : about 3 hours
Standby time : 100 hours
Working time : 12 hours
Working temperature : -15 1 8C ~ 45 1 8C
Storage temperature : -25 1 8C ~ 60 1 8C
Waterproof rating : IP54
Applicable models : Compatible with all major brands of mobile phones Bluetooth and Bluetooth GPS

Double link example:
Connect two mobile phones at the same time

Connect a mobile phone and a Bluetooth adapter at the same time

Connect a mobile phone and a GPS navigator supporting the HFP/HSP Bluetooth protocol at the same time

Also connect a GPS navigator that supports the HFP/HSP Bluetooth protocol and a walkie-talkie with a Bluetooth adapter

Support for intercom software on Android phones: Zello, Azetti, Bper, Tianyi Intercom, etc.

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