Speaker Microphone Mic For Icom Radio IC-2200H IC-V8000 IC-E880

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HM-133V Microphone For Icom radio IC-2200H IC-V8000 IC-E880 IC-2720H IC-2725E ID-800H

Product Description

*Solid, durable, strong cable

*Easy to carry and to use Streamlined appearance Comfortable holding Strong

*Flexible and durable cables Clear sound performance Used on car radio

*vehicle radios Comes with CE mark WORKS WITH

*Model Number:HM-133V

Suitable for model

1.For ICOM: IC-2200H/2300H/2800H

2.ID Series: ID-800H ,ID-880H

3.IC Series: IC-E880, IC-2720H, IC-2725E, IC-208H, IC-E208 ,IC-207H, IC-2800H ,IC-2820H, IC-E2820

Package Included

1 x Handheld Speaker Microphone

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 60 mm


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