Microphone Speaker MC-44 Mic for KENWOOD Radio

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Microphone Speaker MC-44 Mic for KENWOOD Two Way Radio TM-261A 461A 471A 271A

This speaker microphone has a Push To Talk (PTT) key and has a Hung-up switch that act as the hook switch (without the need to provide a vehicle earth to the hang up clip). A connector on the microphone lead plugs into the radios front panel. This connection is protected by a snug fitting rubber boot designed to keep the connections free from dirt and moisture, and preserve the IP54 and other environmental protection specifications. The microphone has been designed for maximum durability. It contains impermeable silicon treated membranes which eliminate corrosion problems caused by moisture. It also has a sealed microphone switch to protect against corrosion.


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It includes CALL, VFO, MR, PF, DOWN, UP, PTT Button and LOCK Switch.

It enables you to talk and listen without having to move the radio. Just clip the mic where convenient and use it to listen and transmit.

8 pin RJ connector MIC.

Compatible Model:

TK-868G, TK-768G, TK-7108HM, TK-7108M, TK-7160E, TK-7160HM, TK-7160M, TK-7162E, TK-7180E, TK-7189E, TK-8108HM, TK-8108M, TK-8160E, TK-8160E3, TK-8160HM, TK-8160M, TK-8162E, TK-8162E3, TK-8180E, TK-8189E, TK-90, TKR-750E (Version 2), TKR-751E, TKR-850E (Version 2), TKR-851E, TKR-851E3, TM-271E


Each Unit Package Contain:

1 x 8 pin RJ connector MIC


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 150 × 50 mm


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