Motorola GP300 UHF VHF Handheld Walkie Talkie

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Motorola GP300 UHF VHF Handheld Walkie Talkie


The rock ‘n’ roller of Motorola’s GP series. Loud, strong, indestructible: The GP300 two-way radio

The GP300 is a classic two-way radio by Motorola. For a decade now, the GP300 has been setting standards for professional two-way radios, and, despite its excellent successor the Motorola GP340, is still frequently used:

 At trade fair venues,
· On building sites,
· In the world of rock ‘n’ roll (in front of stages etc.)
· In the security sector.

The Motorola GP300 can be seen as an almost indestructible basic two-way radio, which excellently masters the essential features:

 Very loud voice reproduction
· Absolutely suitable for outdoors
· Excellent coverage range
· Robust housing

In terms of technical features, the Motorola GP300 does not have to shy away from comparisons either:

 Professional hand-held two-way radio
· 16 channels
· Good voice reproduction
· Long battery life
· Weight: 510 grams
· Dimensions (approx.): 140 x 58mm, 75 x 42mm

In terms of weight and the somewhat larger dimensions of the housing, the Motorola GP300 is at a disadvantage against the Motorola GP340. If this is not an issue and if somebody wishes to rent a good budget-priced two-way radio, then the GP300 will prove itself a very reliable and professional option. We also provide excellent maintenance. Not only do we regularly change the batteries, but the speakers as well, so that good voice reproduction is guaranteed.

As with our two-way radios from the Motorola GP and CP series, we deliver the GP300 incl. the following accessories:

Pre-charged battery
· Belt clip or leather holster
· Single charger cradle / 6-fold charging station
· Programmed on frequencies allotted to us by the Federal Network Agency
· Transport case

You would like to rent the Motorola GP300?

We are delighted to hear this! And will gladly create a non-binding quote for you. Contact us per E-mail, or phone us at our free-call number – or use our easy and innovative tool to receive a quick quote. Just enter how many Motorola GP300 two-way radios you require and click ‘Continue’. You will then receive a non-binding quote. It may also include the interesting long-term discount, gladly granted to you depending on the length of the booking.

Product Specification
Backed by panel of dexterous professionals and strong business network, we are considered as the cardinal manufacturer and supplier of Motorola Walkie Talkie gp300. Developed using tested quality materials & components, these walkie talkies are perfect to provide crustal-clear communication in noisy environments. Broadly used in shopping malls, traffic controlling and varied security purpose, our range is offered to clients without any delay. Our offered Motorola Walkie Talkie is easy to use and highly demanded among our esteemed clients due to its light weight and clear sound quality.


  • Longer battery life
  • Tone tagging facility
  • Large band frequency separation
  • Touch code encoding keypad

 Further Details:

We are reputed as a promising manufacturer and supplier of a two way radio indispensable motorola gp300, walkie talkie gp300, motorola walkie talkie gp300.


  • On-Off / Volume Control
  • Transmit Button (PTT)
  • Channel / Scan Selector
  • Control Button
  • Monitor Button
  • Three Colour Indicator
  • Red, Continuous: Radio Transmits
  • Red, Flashing:
  • During Transmit: Low Battery
  • During Receive: Channel Busy
  • Control Functions (PL)
  • Operation And Control Functions (PL Radios) 3 English Green
  • Flashing: Scanning
  • Yellow, Continuous: Channel Monitor Active
  • Antenna Connector
  • Accessory Connector
  • Keypad


  • Programmable Power levels
  • Synthesized and Field Programmable
  • Unlimited Multiple Coded Squelch Capability (PUDPl)
  • GP300 Optional Enhancements Priority Channel Scan
  • Nuisance Channel Delete
  • Busy Channel Lock Out
  • Time Out Timer
  • Battery Saver/ Low Battery Alerts
  • Internal Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)
  • Tricolour Transmit Indicator

Each Set Package Including:

1 x Motorola GP300

1 x AC Charger

1 x USB Programming Cable

1 x Battery

1 x Antenna

1 x Manual

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 300 × 400 × 150 mm


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