MotoTRBO Mobile Radio Base Station Switching Power Supply for Motorola Xir M8268 DM4601

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Mobile Radio Transceiver Base Station with 13.8V Switching Power Supply for Motorola XIR M8200,M8668,M8268,M8660,DM4600,DM4601 Digital Mobile MotoTRBO


-The box is designed to store your mobile radio and prevent its damage from failing. Metal Material protects your mobile radio stronger. Integrated the mobile radio and 110-240V to 13.8V switching power supply in one box, it saves your space and be convenient to operate your device. With the handle on the box, you can carry your device to anywhere at any time. It is able to put the hand microphone of your mobile transceiver to hand microphone clip on the side of box when the device is idle. Cooling fans protects the power supply from over-heat when the device transmits continuous in long period.

-Antenna/GPS/MIC/DB26/DC13.8V Output Interfaces integrated in back plate.


Power supply Parts:

-Maximum Output Voltage: 20V DC

-Maximum Output Current:30A

-Input Voltage: 110-240V AC

Box parts:


-Dimensions of Inter place to keep mobile transceiver:240mm*70mm*60mm,9.44 x2.75 x2.36 inch (Length x Width x Height)

-Dimension of front hole to keep the mobile transceiver: 175mm*55mm, 6.89 x 2.16 inch(width x height)

-Dimension for whole metal box: 255mm*240mm*120mm

-Color: Black

-Net Weight: 3.55kg

Applicable Model:

For Motorola XiR M868,M8200,M8268,M8228,M8260,M8660,DM4600,DM4601 mobile transceiver

Package Contains:

1 * Box with Power supply

1 * Power Cable

1 * Fixing Screws


Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 350 × 200 × 100 mm


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