Quansheng TG-UV2 Plus Upgraded Version Walkie Talkie


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10KM QuanSheng TG-UV2 Plus Walkie Talkie

10W Long Range / 4000mah VHF/UHF Dual Band Two Way Radio


RX: FM Radio 88-108MHz /Police350-390MHz/UHF400-470MHz; 470-520MHz / VHF136-174MHz

TX:UHF400-470MHz / VHF136-174MHz /Police  350-390MHz


Question 1:
Why the label shows ≤ 5W? is it a real 10 watts radio?
Yes, it’s 100% real 10W high power radio.
Chinese 2017 new regulation requires the radio power can not be more than 10 Watts, so we have to mark (H10) instead of 10W onthe radio body.
Please kindly remember that for this TG-UV2 Plus radio, (H10) stands for 10watts , and just ignore the ≤ 5W on the label.

About Antenna SWR Value

The TG-UV2 Plus radio is designed with tri-band, UHF(470mhz to 520mhz), VHF (136mhz to 174mhz) and Police band (350mhz to 390mhz), that is why the SWR value is lower, it’s reasonable, and actually it does not affect the function, maybe nothing is perfect in the world, some customers keep buying this radio even though they complaint about the antenna SWR value, overall it’s a superior radio.

One more thing, if you don’t need the third band of police band, actually you can get an extra antenna with only dual band, which will be much better.


Test Rsesult Feedback:

We tested and got10.1 Wwhen the trasmit frequecy is 430.000Mhz, please check the above images.

REAL 136-174MHZ/400-470MHZ

Question 2:

Why the label shows 144-148Mhz / 430-440Mhz, what is the real frequency range?


The actual frequency range is 136-174Mhz / 400-470Mhz.
Chinese 2017 new regulation limit the frequency144-148Mhz / 430-440Mhz,so the manufacturer has to mark144-148Mhz / 430-440Mhzonthe lable.
Please kindly remember the real frequency range is 136-174Mhz and 400-470Mhz for this TG-UV2 Plus radio, and just ignore the 144-148Mhz/430-440Mhz on the label.
01. Squelch level
02. H(High), M(Medium), L(Low) output power selective
03. Double frequency, double channel display of the LCD
04. Built-in VOX function
05. Dual-watch operation
06. Respectively receive/transmit CTCSS/DCS code
07. Repeater shift direction set
08. Auto code search
09. Reverse frequency function
10. Voice scrambier (Optional)
11. Multi channel steps
12. Frequency deviation setting
13. Busy channel lock
14. Time-out-timer(TOT)
15. Channel, channel-frequency, channel-name display
16. Up/down scan function / Priority scan
17. Wide/narrow bandwidth
18. 1750Hz call tone
19. Corss-band receiving/transmitting
20. 200 channels
21. Channel name edit / Channel store
22. FM Radio(88-108MHz)
23. PC programmable
24. Main/sub channel display shift
25. Channel scan list additive
Dual Band
1750 Call Tone
Priority Scan
Wide/Narrow Bandwidth
Busy Channel Lock
FM Radio: 88Mhz-108Mhz
Dual-watch Operation
Reverse Function
H/M/L Output Power


Frequency Range:

RX: FM Radio 88-108MHz /Police350-390MHz/UHF400-470MHz; 470-520MHz / VHF136-174MHz

TX:UHF400-470MHz / VHF136-174MHz /Police350-390MHz

Frequency:                                                  5PPm

Sensitivity:                                                  DC7.2V (Rechargeable Li-ion Battery )

Memory Channel:                                       200 Channels

Antenna Impedance:                                   50 ohm

Working Manner:                                        Same Frequency Single Operation or Different Frequency Single Operation

Antenna Dispotion:                                     Inductively Loaded Antenna

Dimension:                                                 110mm x 56mm x 37mm


Output Power:                                          10W

Modulation Mode(Wide/Narrow) :16KΦF3E/11KΦF3E

Maximum Modulation Character:               6dB

Maximum Spurious Radiation:                   <7uW

Maximum Emission Current:                      <2.8A(H10)

CTCSS/DCS Deviation(Wide/Narrow):     0.75kHz ±50Hz,0.37kHz±30Hz

Modulation Sensitivity:                               12mV

Modlation Distortion:                                  <5%

Sensitivity:                                                  -122dB (12dB SINAD)

Audio Frequency Power:                             0.5W

Audio Distortion:                                         <10%


Intermodulation (Wide/Narrow):≥60dB    ≥55dB

Adjacent Channel Selectivity:≥65dB  ≥60dB

Spurious Rejection:≥65dB

Package Included:

1× TG-UV2 PLUS 10W Radio
1× 4000mAh Li-ion Battery Pack
1× Charger
1× Belt Clip
1× Hand Strap
1× Antenna
1× English User’s Manual


We will send you the item of your choice.
Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 150 mm


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