Talkpod N55 PTT Network Radio with GPS

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Talkpod N55 PTT Network Radio New Arrival

Talkpod N55 is an easy to use in the high-end public handheld walkie-talkie.Using advanced materials, with high quality production process, highlight the details of the fine.Configuration hd display and simple shortcut keys, and at the same time have the infinite channel knob, let users convenient operation and understand the current channel information in a timely manner.Help service industry, improve the efficiency of operational management, team communication is the best choice for economic efficient communication way.


  • Unlimited distance growing public data network, through the wide coverage of CDMA/WCDMA / 3 g  network, can meet the cross-regional im conversations, long-distance coordination operation of user requirements;As long as there is network signal, can be real-time intercom.
  • Background operation, remote scheduling by writing for radio frequency software platform account, may at any time through the web client, the client group distribution, remote recording, GPS positioning function (optional) such as scheduling management, convenient and quick unified management members.
  • Advanced digital voice, clear and loud voice coding technology has made even in noisy environment, still can get a clear voice, keep effective communication;The built-in 1 w high-power speaker, ensure clear and loud voice, allowing you to easily keep communication clear.
  • A longer standby, longer use 7.4 V 1800 mah standard battery working time can be up to 12 hours;The other optional 3200 mah battery, is about 30 hours of working time.A longer use time can meet the demand of the use of the user operation for a long time.
  • One key operation, efficient and quick fuselage side button and positive P1, P2 to frequency by writing software defined as different default function, cooperate with these shortcuts can quickly select group members, friends, and use the high effect will bring a better experience for users and value.
  • Professional design, feel good according to the human body engineering design, frosted texture, double color injection molding the fuselage, compression wear-resisting;The machine light, including the standard battery machine for 29 mm thickness, weighs 266 g.


  1. GPS satellite positioning, GPS trajectory playback GPS information query
  2. Custom shortcuts supports secondary development
  3. Real-time background recording hint overtime
  4. Group call/group/single call call encryption
  5. Prompt channel lock in low voltage
  6. Any Groups Combination Unlimited Friends Selection
    Unlimited Any Groups and Any Members Selection
  7. Intelligent background light setting button sound Settings
  8. Version information enquiry call records
    Query Information group/members call records
    Automatic synchronizing contacts automatically save electricity
  9. Speech level setting nested group setting
  10. Remote monitor real-time information
  11. Activate the suspended account client scheduling platform
  12. Multilingual voice broadcast
  13. Basic parameters:
    Network: 2 g / 3 g
    Channel: infinite (infinite knob)
    Groups: infinite
    Members: infinite
    Programmable buttons: 4
    Working voltage: DC7.4 V

    Battery: 1800mAh or 3200mAh

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Talkpod N55 meets the communication needs of customers in the Express, transportation, Warehouse, Events, and Security, advance work efficiency and reduce cost to the operating department.

One Button Operation, Efficient and Fast.

Side buttons and P1、P2 buttons in the front are programmable and defined with various preset features by the programming software.
With these buttons you can one touch to select members, friends, group.
Convenient and efficient usability bring our users better experience.

Large LCD Display, User-friendly

Features a larger pixel aperture color display with a flexible menu-driven interface.
Icons and large easy-to-use navigation buttons ease message reading and menu navigation.
simplify operations for users’ daily work and bring them convenience.

Background Operation,Remote Dispatch

After programming platform account into the radio by programming software,
you can set up the group, GPS tracking, remote recording or other dispatching.
in the website or PC dispatcher
Convenient and rapid unified management of members.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 80 mm

W1: GSM: 900/1800MHz; WCDMA: 900/2100MHz (EU), W2: GSM: 850/1900MHz; WCDMA: 850/1900MHz (US)


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