Voxtel MR999 PRO Portable Shortwave CB Radio

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Introducing the NEW from Voxtel on the CB range – VOXTEL MR999 PRO

The Voxtel MR999 PRO can be used for hiking, fishing and hunting, and as an automotive model. In the set of the radio there is an adapter to the cigarette lighter together with a jack on the external antenna, which allows it to work from the on-board network of the car.

Please note that the car must be equipped with a fixed or external magnetic antenna at 27 MHz, which significantly increases the range of the radio station.

The range of the radio station with its own antenna reaches 2-3 km in the absence of significant interference. To increase it to 5-6 km in urban conditions or in the forest, you can use an additional enlarged antenna.

For conversation with truckers the European grid of frequencies (“five”: 27,135 MHz) is supported.

The number of channels in the Voxtel MR999 PRO radio reaches 40, which will allow you to always find a free channel. The radio has an adjustable and automatic squelch. The station has two power modes: low – 1W and high – 4W.

Voxtel MR999 PRO will be appreciated by tourists and lovers of traveling in a large friendly company. In addition, it will be an excellent assistant as an automotive walkie-talkie.

Main Settings:

Supported bands:  CB (26. 965-27 .855 MHz)

Max. number of memory channels:  40

Maximum output power (W):  4.0

Range of action (m):  3000

Antenna type:  external removable


FM Receiver

Mode of supply: from the automobile network

Discharge indication

Availability of charger


Housing material: plastic

Availability of the display

Display Backlight


Package list:

Voxtel MR999 PRO  x  1

Car cigarette lighter adapter  x 1

Strap x 1

Antenna x 1

Battery pack x 1

Belt clip x 1

User guide x 1

Warranty card x 1

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 80 mm


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