120W HF Automatic Tuner mAT-30 for Yaesu VERTEX STANDARD


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Yaesu HF Automatic Tuner mAT-30 Octopus VERTEX STANDARD AUTO TUNER 2017 New Vesion 120W

The parameters are as follows:

Maximum power: 120 watts

Operating frequency: 3M-54MHz

Work: Fully automatic

Adjust the standing wave: most of the antenna can be adjusted to 1.5 standing wave about

Power supply: use Yeasu radio tunner interface power supply, no external power supply

Antenna impedance: 5-1500 ohms

Dimensions: width 13cm, length 20cm, high 4cm

Approximate weight: 800 grams

This is perfectly supports long antenna.


1, This device specifically for Yeasu eight-continent short-wave radio design, fully compatible with Yeasu special tunner, the use of the same way and the original, can be directly through the radio panel to complete the operation, very convenient. Randomly attached to the dedicated data cable, directly connected Yeasu radio station on the back of the eight-core remote control socket can be automatically controlled by the radio tonal work, without additional manual settings and operation.

2, The hardware shell using the latest ultra-thick aluminum shell, before and after the panel using aluminum milling and oxidation process, beautiful and beautiful, durable.

3,  An increase of the input RF frequency detection function, making the tuning faster, and very accurate. When re-entering the frequency used before, the tunner of the tuning moment to complete.


1, In the case of not open the case, commitment to unconditional refund within a week, if the quality of the buyer only need to bear the return postage, but should not have obvious use of traces, does not affect the sale again.

2, The use of power range, the warranty for one year, do not charge any fees.

3, A year after the free maintenance of life, only charge the cost.

Accessories: Dedicated data lines.

The MAT-30 is designed for Yaesu / Octopus, VERTEX STANDARD, and is fully compatible with Yaesu / VERTEX, such as FC-30 and FC-40, for base stations, berths and mobile stations, Tuning quickly, the effect is good. Use the same way and the original, can be directly through the radio panel to complete the operation, very convenient. Front and rear panels using aluminum milling process, exquisite beauty, strong and durable. Fully support Yaesu tunner instruction interface, making the tuning faster, and very accurate, according to the frequency of the radio changes in real time to adjust the tunner configuration, has been tuned in the frequency without re-tuning. Tune is suitable for long lines, bipolar, GP, Yagi and other common antenna. Comes with a dedicated 8-pin data cable to link the radio and tunner. The station through the data line to the tunner power supply and send control instructions.

FT-857D, FT-897D, FT-450D, FT-950D, FT-891, FT-991.

For other models not yet verified, in theory, as long as the FC-30 and FT-40 support can support mAT-30, we will continue to test and verify more models. For models with premature production periods, the eight-core data outlet (labeled CAT or TUNER) that is not connected to the tunner will not be supported, such as FT-80C, FT-757, etc.

Package Contain:

1 x mAT-30 Antenna Tuner

1 x Dedicated data lines.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 200 × 160 × 70 mm


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