ZASTONE M10 10W AM Air Aviation Band High Power Handheld Walkie Talkie


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ZASTONE 10 10W Walkie Talkie Ham Amateur 2 Way Radio AM Air Aviation Band High Power Walkie-Talkie CTCSS FM Radio


Features and functions

•1.77 “TFT large screen, full keyboard, shortcut menu buttons.”.

• Scanner functions: VFO scanning range setting, three scanning recovery methods, channel scanning, CTC/DCS scanning, scanning channel addition and deletion

•Built in input method, allowing the device to edit channel names

•Frequency step size, can be selected between 2.5K | 5.0K | 6.25K | 10.0K | 12.5K | 20.0K | 25.0K | 50.0K

•Dual band handheld transceiver

•Large capacity lithium-ion batteries

•Broadcast FM radio receiver 65-108 MHz

•50 CTCSS tones and 105 DCS codes

• VOX (voice controlled transmission)

• Up to 199 named storage channels

• Alarm function

• Can choose between high or low power

• Programmable display of lighting through keyboard

• Function prompt sound on the keyboard

•Dual band display/dual reception

•Programmable repeater offset

•Battery energy-saving function

•Transmission timeout timer

• Scanning mode

• Busy channel lock

• Built in CTCSS/DCS tone

• PC programmable

• Ten (10) levels of Squelch adjustment

• Cross band reception

• End of transmission tone, aka “Roger Beep”


• Keypad lock


1) 1.77”LCD display screen.

2) High power.

3) Up to 999 memory channels.

4) DTMF coding.

5) U/V full band transceiver.

6) Quick menu operation mode.

7) Computer program.

8)Wired copy function.

9) Emergency alarm call function.

10)Wide / narrow band selection.

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 150 mm


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