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Motorola Mag One VZ-12 UHF Two Way Radio Professional Walkie Talkie

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Motorola Mag One VZ-12 UHF Two Way Radio Professional Walkie Talkie Handheld Transceiver


– Simple and reliable: It is easy to use, featuring high reliability.
– Voice broadcast: This function allows users to quickly perceive key working states such as the working channel and power information of the walkie-talkie, helping users to quickly and accurately realize channel conversion and query power.
– End sound elimination: This function is set on the walkie-talkie. After the sender’s call ends, the ‘cha’ sound caused by the disappearance of the carrier wave will be reduced, so that the receiver will be less troubled by the impact of noise to improve the user experience.
– VOX: No need to manually press the PTT button, you can use voice to activate the walkie-talkie and enter the transmitting state. The built-in VOX voice control function allows users to easily conduct voice communication without deliberate operation. With multi-level adjustable gain, it is very suitable for specific usage scenarios.
– Programmable shortcut keys: The top key and side key of its body can be defined as different preset functions through the programming software. Users can select two of the functions for the definition of each programmable key according to their own needs, so as to enhance the convenience of use. Efficient and fast operation will bring better experience and value to users.
– Clear Voice: The maximum 1W audio power output brings clear and loud calls, allowing you to use it smoothly in noisy environments.
– High-capacity lithium battery: The power-saving function combined with the high-capacity lithium battery provides long endurance time of more than 15 hours, meeting the duty needs of the whole shift. (15 hours: obtained through the relevant laboratory tests of systems for Motorola under the working mode of 5-5-90)
– Easy to set: The dedicated software setting interface is simple and easy to use, which is convenient for users to flexibly configure the working parameters of related products according to the usage scenarios.

Other Characteristics:
– 3 programmable keys
– Adjust high and low power
– Scan/priority scan
– Working hours over 15 hours
– CTCSS/DCS subtone setting
– Battery saver and low battery warning
– Busy channel lock
– Emergency alarm

– Frequency range: 400-470MHz
– Number of channels: 16
– Supply voltage: 7.2V DC
– Channel spacing: 25/12.5kHz
– Battery endurance time (5-5-90 working mode): 20 (power saving mode)/15 hours
– Waterproof grade: IP54
– Operating temperature: -25°C to +60°C
– Frequency stability: ±1.5ppm
– RF input/output impedance: 50Ω
– Dimensions: 126 x 61 x 39mm/5 x 2.4 x 1.5′ (HxWxD)
– Weight: around 265G/0.6LB (including battery, antenna and back clip)

– Sensitivity (12dB SINAD): ≤0.22uV
– Adjacent channel selectivity (25/12.5kHz): ≥65/60dB
– High intermodulation resistance: ≥55dB
– Spurious blocking: ≥60dB
– Audio output: ≥800mW at 16Ω (internal)
– AC and noise: ≥40dB
– Conducted spurious: ≤-57dBm (<1GHz); ≤-47dBm (>1GHz)

– Output power (rating): high 4W/low 1W
– Modulation: 11KΦF3E at 12.5kHz; 16KΦF3E at 25kHz
– Conducted spurious: ≤-36dBm (>1GHz); ≤-30dBm (>1GHz)
– FM AC and noise: ≥40dB
– Audio Distortion: <3%

Package Included:
– 1 x Walkie Talkie VZ-12 UHF Walkie Talkie
– 1 x Battery
– 1 x Belt Clip
– 1 x Power Adapter
– 1 x Charger Dock
– 1 x Antenna
– 1 x Headphones

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 10 mm


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